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Farberware 3 Piece Cutting Board

The farberware 3 piece cutting board is a great way to make your kitchen more of a culinary one-stop-shop. It's easy to use and comes with a few key features, including a poly cutting board and a potholder. The white color is perfect for any kitchen design.

Farberware 5082057 8 in. x 10 in. Poly Board With 3.5in Resi
Pink Farberware 8 x 10" Cutting Board + Paring Knife + Blade

Discount Farberware 3 Piece Cutting Board Online

This farberware 3 piece cutting board is a great addition to your kitchen. The board has a poly-blend surface forolerance and smooth operation. It also has a three-year warranty. The board is available in orange and has a liter weight and size.
this 3-piece cutting board is perfect for commercial or kitchen applications. It is made of bamboo non-slip surface for easy handling and farberware technology that makes it easy to use. The top piece has a slotted top for easy cleaning and access to the cooking area. The bottom piece has a perforated conference table which can be used for cooking or storage.
this 3 piece cutting board is a great way to organize and combine tools while spending less space. The cutting board has a pink farberware look and feel while the three pieces have a black and red design. The cutting board is also lightweight so it easy to carry around. It has a comfortable design with a reversible knife pocket and a small footprint.